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AIIMS negligence, left a bunch of bandages in the patient’s stomach

Had to undergo second operation in 9 months due to negligence of AIIMS.
A medical officer is facing the brunt of the negligence of Patna AIIMS. 
The medical officer who arrived for Caesarean delivery had left not cotton but a bunch of medical bandages in his stomach. 
In fact, on the first ultrasound, it was learned that cotton had been left in the stomach of the medical officer. 
But when the problem increased, the operation had to be done in another private hospital, but after the operation, there were shocking revelations.
The cotton in the abdomen seen in the ultrasound was actually not cotton but a bunch of medical bandages.
Had to undergo operation for the second time in 9 months
The operation of the Medical Officer of Masaudhi Sadar Hospital was done again on Sunday.
 The operation was done in a private hospital. 
Where the team of doctors took out a bunch of bandages from the stomach of the officer. 
Pooja's sister Ankita has confirmed this. 
This bandage is about 12 cm long. Pooja's sister Ankita has accused Dr Himalaya, 
HOD of the Gynecology Department of AIIMS.
Because of him, his sister had to undergo a second operation in 9 months. 
The operation was done at the time of first delivery and during that time a bandage was left in the abdomen. 
Because of this Puja's life is in danger. In the event of not getting justice, 
Ankita has said that if needed, she will take this matter to the Supreme Court because she has full proof against AIIMS.
FIR was also lodged on Pooja Kumari on behalf of AIIMS doctor Himali.
An FIR has also been lodged against Pooja on behalf of Dr Himali, 
HOD of AIIMS Gynecology Department. 
Many allegations have been made against Pooja, including misbehavior in AIIMS, 
creating ruckus, obstructing the viewing of patients. 
If the president of Phulwarisharif police station is to be believed, 
then he is investigating the whole matter. Actually, after increasing the trouble, 
Pooja went to AIIMS again and wanted to know the reason for the problem with the doctors, 
but there she was beaten up and beaten up.

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