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Bihar government ministers also became victims in Ranchi nuisance case

One killed in Ranchi riots, 7 shot, Minister Nitin Naveen also became a victim of nuisance
In the Nupur Sharma dispute case, the uproar that started after Friday prayers reached a dangerous turn on Friday. 
The people who came out of the mosque tried to target the temple but when the policemen tried to stop them, 
the miscreants later opened fire to control the situation.
According to the information, 7 people have been shot and 11 people have been injured while the news of the death of a boy is coming. 
Road construction minister Nitin Naveen, who was passing through the area at the time of the incident, 
also had to face an angry mob. Minister Nitin Naveen's car was damaged by an angry mob. Minister Nitin Naveen narrowly escaped. 
The injured people are undergoing treatment at Ranchi RIMS.
CM Hemant Soren appealed to the people to be patient
CM Hemant Soren has said that all of us are falling prey to some such powers in a very planned manner. 
The result of which will happen to all of us. I would like to appeal that the people of Jharkhand are always learning meditation. 
In the present situation, understand that we are passing through the time of examination. 
It may be a tough test but there is no need to lose patience.
Bihar BJP President has demanded an inquiry into the attack on Minister Nitin Naveen.
BJP President Dr Sanjay Jaiswal has said that the incident is part of a well planned conspiracy. 
He has demanded the Jharkhand government to take action against the miscreants in this entire matter. 
The BJP president said that on the day of Friday prayers, 
suddenly a crowd gathered on the roads and the vehicle of the Bihar minister was surrounded. 
The BJP President has appealed to the people to maintain peace.

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