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Lalu Prasad wrote a letter to well wishers

Lalu excited to get people's support on his birthday
dear friends,

I am glad that you all have showered immense love and endless wishes on my birthday yesterday. 
Provided food to the poor, distributed ration, clothes and reading material, 
celebrated social justice and goodwill day by planting saplings and donating blood. 
How do I thank you? Your affinity and affection dwarfed every word. 
Thank you very much for the well wishes!
Appeal to people to be a vocal voice against communalism and inequality
Today I want to say that due to lack of resources, 
lack of strong intentions damages the sense of justice. 
That's why I call upon the people of the country and Bihar to strengthen the intentions, 
be a vocal voice against communalism and inequality, fight injustice, 
fight for equality so that we can give justice to every poor, deprived, exploited person. 
Can take them forward on the path of progress because the country will move forward with them, the stronger their voice, 
the more the country will develop.
I kept fighting all my life for justice, now the time has come, 
you get up, you also fight.

Lalu Prasad Yadav

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