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Mechanic who came to fix AC took away 22 lakh ornaments

Thieves had arrived as AC mechanic
It was costly for the section officer of Patna High Court to get himself corrected. 
Two mechanics who came to fix the AC stole jewelery worth 22 lakhs from the house. 
AC Mechanic was associated with the online company. 
The victim officer has given a written complaint to the Kankarbagh police station.
Incident with the section officer of Patna High Court
Patna High Court Section Officer Vishwa Mohan Prasad Malahi lives in Sankalp Enclave of Pakari. 
He had applied for AC repairing through the online company Just Dial at 1:21 pm on 9 June. 
A mechanic was sent to Naushad on WhatsApp from an agency called Cooling King. At 3:30, 
two people came to the flat and started fixing the AC posing as an AC mechanic. 
Both sent the officer out to get some stuff for cleaning the ac.
After that a mechanic entered the room while another stood outside. 
Later both of them left saying that the AC would be fine. 
When the officer saw the open cupboard in his room, he was blown away. 
About 22 lakh gold ornaments kept inside were stolen. 
It also had a diamond ring in it. 
The victim suspects that not the mechanic who came to fix the ac, 
broke the almirah and made the gold ornaments disappear.
Police engaged in investigation
The police of Kankarbagh police station is looking for the mechanic. 
An agency named Cooling Company is also being explored. 
This company is correct and whether the concerned mechanics are associated with that company or not, 
the whole matter is being investigated.

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