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Nitish Kumar will not become the Presidential candidate, JDU announced

JDU National President Lalan Singh clarified the picture
The market for speculation is hot about the presidential election. 
There is also a market of speculation about who will become the President. 
In the midst of these speculations,
the name of CM Nitish also surfaced as the presidential candidate. 
But now JDU has made it clear that CM Nitish is not going to be the presidential candidate.
JDU President Lalan Singh clarified the picture
JDU President Lalan Singh has said that Nitish Kumar is not a presidential candidate. 
Nitish Kumar has been elected by the people of Bihar to serve Bihar. 
Nitish Kumar is doing development work in Bihar and will continue to do so.
After meeting many senior BJP leaders, the market of speculation was hot
In fact, for the past few days, senior BJP leaders had met Nitish Kumar. 
During the meeting, BJP leaders were seen praising Nitish Kumar. 
The pictures were also coming out in such a way that BJP wants Nitish Kumar to become the presidential candidate. 
JDU leader Shravan Kumar, a minister in the Bihar government, 
had also described Nitish Kumar as a worthy contender for the post of President.

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