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Violence in Ranchi was instigated by people from UP

nuisance conspiracy hatched in saharanpur
Big information is coming out in Ranchi violence case. 
The connection of violence in Ranchi is being linked to UP. 
According to the information, 
12 people who came from Saharanpur had written the script of the violence in Ranchi. 
That is, the violence in Ranchi on Friday did not erupt suddenly. Rather the conspiracy was hatched a week ago. 
There have been many important revelations in the police investigation.
12 people spread the fire of violence in Ranchi
Investigation has revealed that 12 people from Saharanpur in 
Uttar Pradesh had written scripts for the violence in Ranchi. 
One team reached Ranchi on 4 June and the other on 7 June. 
These people stayed in hotels and lodges in Ranchi. 
These people divided the city in many parts and instigated the people for the protest. 
The elders denied the violent demonstration, then the people from UP incited the youth to violence. 
The plot of violence was prepared with the help of youth.
Message campaign was going on for 3 days regarding violence after Friday prayers
In Ranchi, a message campaign was run by some organizations till 3 days before the Friday prayers. 
For this, brick stones were also collected in advance. Meanwhile, 
the name of JMM leader and a water trader is coming out behind the Ranchi violence. 
The police have interrogated them. 
CM Hemant Soren has formed a high-level committee to investigate the whole matter.

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